About us

Summus Capital OÜ is a real estate investment holding group established in 2013 with investments in commercial real estate in all 3 Baltic countries. Direct real estate investments are made through SPVs of the respective country of location. Well-diversified commercial real estate portfolio includes properties in retail, office, logistics and medical segments.

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Summus Capital’s portfolio consists of 14 properties in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with a total net leasable area of 218 thousand m2 and ca 425 tenants. Total consolidated assets are 429MEUR. The company has buy and hold strategy, while maintaining a continuous pipeline for expanding its portfolio.
Summus Capital holds a corporate rating from rating agency Scope Ratings GmbH of BB (stable).
Bonds issued by Summus Capital have been admitted to trading on the Nasdaq Baltic First North market by Nasdaq.
The investment strategy of Summus Capital portfolio is based on cash flow generating commercial real estate with a long-term perspective. Class A office buildings, shopping centres & big-box stores, class A warehouses and industrial and medical properties are in focus. Summus Capital sees a future in sustainable buildings and value add investments. Portfolio strategy foresees that share of any sector should not significantly exceed 50% of the portfolio, the share of anchors in the portfolio’s cash flow is at least 50%, and the minimum investment size is 10 MEUR.

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Commercial real estate in the Baltics
Market segment
Retail, office, logistics, medical
Number of properties
Market value
401.2 MEUR
Total owner’s equity
179.4 MEUR
Net leasable area
218 630 m2
Net profit
8.5 MEUR
Portfolio yield
8.25 %
4.3 years
Occupancy rate
96.6 %

* Data as of 31.12.2023. Portfolio yield is 12-month rolling.


Summus Capital firmly believes that the most effective approach to enhancing asset value for investors, tenants and employees is through sustainable business management. Our focus extends beyond acquiring “green assets”; our fundamental mission is to transform existing inefficiencies into modern, premier and flagship assets. This transformation will lead to a substantial reduction in ecological footprint.

We have developed a long-term sustainability strategy based on Summus Capital real estate portfolio. From this strategy, we have created an action plan with specific goals. One of our objectives, for instance, is to obtain BREEAM or LEED certification for our buildings. Our ultimate mid-term aim is to achieve a certification level of 95%. As of December 2023, 86% of our buildings are already certified.

To enhance energy efficiency, we have conducted energy audits for the majority of our properties. These audits have helped us formulate plans for improving energy efficiency for the whole portfolio. We have already begun implementing the plan by making initial investments, such as upgrading our building management systems, replacing lamps and installing solar panels. Consequently, we are already observing a reduction in overall energy consumption.

Furthermore, we prioritize the use of green electricity and have reached a utilization level of 84%. To track our environmental impact, we measure our annual CO2 footprint. Through our planned initiatives, we anticipate a significant reduction in the CO2 footprint of Summus Capital portfolio.

We conduct customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction surveys, along with customer audit. Additionally, we have successfully completed our initial Gresb audit.

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