Lithuanian Tennis Union receives generous support from Summus Capital to invest in young tennis athletes

15:55 15.03.2023

Summus Capital, a prominent real estate investment group in the Baltic region, has recently announced its sponsorship of the Lithuanian Tennis Union. This investment will provide financial support to aid in the development of young tennis players throughout the 2023 season. Summus Capital’s sponsorship agreement, which was concluded in late 2022, will provide a total of EUR 24,000 to ensure the training and competition process for young tennis players.

The Lithuanian Tennis Union plans to utilize the financial support provided by Summus Capital to foster the growth of young Lithuanian tennis players Klaudia Bubelytė (19 years old) and Pijus Reklevičius (16 years old). Klaudija is currently ranked second in the Lithuanian national team and is a highly talented athlete with a focus on competing in professional women’s tournaments. Meanwhile, Pijus is one of the most promising Lithuanian junior players, starting to play on the ITF Junior Tour and is one of the youngest players on the International Ranking and the Junior Tour for 18-year-olds.

According to Evaldas Čepulis, a member of the Board of Summus Capital, this sponsorship reflects the company’s commitment to tennis development in the Baltic region. The company is thrilled to be supporting the young tennis players and excited to see where this journey will take them.

“We are delighted to support the next generation of Lithuanian tennis players. We strongly believe in the power of sport to build character, instil discipline and encourage teamwork, and we are honored to contribute to helping these talented young athletes reach their full potential. Seeing their passion and enthusiasm for sport is truly inspiring, and we are proud to provide the financial support they need to train, travel and develop. We are committed to supporting Klaudija and Pijus and look forward to watching their careers take an even bigger leap,” said a member of the Summus Capital Board.

Virginija Paliukaitė, Secretary General of the Lithuanian Tennis Union, expressed her gratitude to Summus Capital for their support, highlighting the significance of such sponsorship in the development of young athletes. The funds will be used to cover mandatory and unavoidable travel expenses such as air tickets, accommodation, meals, and sports equipment, providing the athletes with opportunities to participate in international tournaments, gain experience, and ranking points.

This sponsorship agreement is a critical step taken by Summus Capital to support tennis players throughout the Baltic States, showcasing the company’s dedication to the development of tennis in the region. The close cooperation between the Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian tennis communities also emphasizes the potential for shared objectives between sponsors and athletes.

“We are delighted with Summus Capital’s decision to support tennis players. The athletes, their parents, and coaches are grateful for this financial support. It is also excellent news that Summus Capital has chosen to support the careers of the athletes on a Baltic-wide basis. The tennis communities in these three countries are relatively small compared to larger players such as France, England, Germany, and other similar countries, so supporting tennis players in this region is vital,” said Paliukaitė.

According to the Secretary General of the Lithuanian Tennis Union, Summus Capital’s sponsorship will provide young Lithuanian tennis players with an opportunity to compete at the highest level and create a platform for their professional development and future success. The Lithuanian Tennis Union welcomes Summus Capital’s investment in young athletes and looks forward to continuing its successful partnership.