NØRDIKA Shopping Valley is one of the first to receive the latest sustainability certificate in the Baltic States

9:51 20.12.2021

Press release

NØRDIKA Shopping Valley is one of the first to receive the latest sustainability certificate in the Baltic States


Sustainable real estate development is one of the core missions of responsible companies. Summus Capital, the leading real estate investment company in the Baltics, constantly strives to create a comfortable and friendly environment for both buyers and employees. One of the properties under its management is NØRDIKA Shopping Valley, one of the first shopping centres in the Baltic States to receive the international BREEAM certificate according to the latest V6 BREEAM In Use version. This proves that the shopping valley meets high energy efficiency and environmental standards.


Summus Capital, the leading real estate investment company in the Baltic region, promises to continue the expansion with a sustainable and strategic business model. The correct actions are confirmed by one of the properties under its management, NØRDIKA, which has been awarded the international BREEAM In-Use sustainability certificate. Evaldas Čepulis, Member of the Board of Summus Capital, explains that the aim is to achieve high energy efficiency, the integration of renewable energy sources and creation of healthy microclimate.


“Sustainability is an important part of Summus Capital’s corporate culture. Constant focus on the environment and consumers is a key priority. We are always looking for the best formula to reduce our CO2 footprint and save energy. We strive to use resources rationally, with minimal impact on the environment. Our sustainability-based approach is well reflected in one of our managed facilities, NØRDIKA. Our strategic objectives are also supported by the right choice of partners. More recently, we have added a new investment management partner to our entire portfolio, – Green Formula Capital OÜ, a company with a strong focus on sustainable real estate development,” comments E. Čepulis.


Exceeded the high rating standards


The ambition of many companies is the international BREEAM In-Use sustainability certificate, which proves that the company’s building meets a high standard of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. Following a number of assessment aspects, the NØRDIKA shopping centre has been awarded the “Very good” rating.


“This certificate underlines the sustainability and efficiency of the shopping valley, which go hand in hand with the environmental objectives. The BREEAM standard is awarded to the building for its responsible operation, the certification framework, and the environmental and sustainability performance of the building. We will continue to focus on the implementation of sustainable solutions, such as the development of charging stations for electric vehicles, increased use of renewable energy, and projects to preserve and develop wildlife,” says Jurgita Viršilienė, Asset Manager of NØRDIKA.


NØRDIKA’s strongest performance was noted in the following BREEAM In-Use V6 categories: energy (orderly documentation, good HVAC equipment parameters, efficient equipment management and maintenance), transport (public transport close to the site, cycling infrastructure at the site, all amenities for visitors at the site), water management (detailed water monitoring, efficient water devices (6 l/min), water leak detection system) and climate resilience (flood risk analysis showed zero risks even after assessing climate change in the 2050 model, building physical asset protection measures, comprehensive security/alarm systems).


According to the auditor of UAB Vesta Consulting, Eugenijus Šapel, 55% is sufficient to obtain a Very Good rating, but this centre has achieved more than the required level.


“The 59% rating shows the high ambition and the great efforts of the owner. The owner’s responsibility and efforts to meet the requirements of the BIU as much as possible were also a pleasant surprise. Additional efforts were noted, for example, the efficiency of the water appliances was not only demonstrated not only through the submission of documents, but also through the provision of additional photo and video material with explanations. The client always walked an extra mile to than what was foreseen in the strategy, seeking credits from a higher level of certification. Full documentation was also provided to demonstrate the building solutions. This is a sign that the building is well maintained,” explains E. Šapel, who was appointed to assess NØRDIKA.


The new version – increased criteria, weights and new categories


The new V6 version of BREEAM In Use, used to evaluate NØRDIKA, came into force in May 2020, replacing the old V2015 BIU version. The new version is more stringent, in line with current best sustainability practices in buildings. Currently, only two retail properties in Lithuania, one of which is NØRDIKA, have been evaluated against the latest version in the Baltic region. The other Baltic shopping centres, of which there are about 20, are certified according to the old version.


“Buildings certified to the old version can lose around 10-15% when re-certified to the new V6 version, i.e. the rating level can fall one step down, for example, from the Very Good to the Good level, but this is individual for each project. The certificate is valid for 3 years, without the requirement to renew the certificate every year, as was the case in the old version,” says E. Šapel.


According to him, minimum requirements have been introduced in terms of achieving the categories of the standard. In order to reach the Very Good levelit is absolutely necessary to carry out a flood risk study of the property.


“The weights of the categories have changed, in particular the following categories: Health and Wellbeing, Water Management, Resource Use and Waste Management categories have increased in weight, Energy, Transport, Site Ecology and Pollution categories have decreased in weight. There is a new category, Building Resilience to Climate Change, with 10 additional points, and a new category, Exemplary Points, for going beyond best practice and achieving sustainability best practice,” comments E. Šapel on the updates.