Summus Capital will financially support the young talents of the Latvian Tennis Union by donating 24 000 EUR in 2023

11:00 16.01.2023

At the end of 2022, the Baltic real estate investment holding group Summus Capital and Latvian Tennis Union have concluded a sponsorship agreement, which provides financial support for the development of young tennis players throughout 2023. Funding in the amount of 24 000 euros is planned to be used mainly for ensuring the process of youth tennis players training and competition. The Latvian Tennis Union will use Summus Capital’s funding support for the professional development of the International Tennis Federation’s young Latvian tennis players, Beatrise Zeltiņa (15 years old) and Darja Semeņistaja (20 years old).

Both tennis players – Beatrise and Darja – have won and received prestigious medals in the past Latvian and European championships. In 2021, Semeņistaja has won the most singles trophies on the ITF Women’s World Tour with seven titles.

“Historically, tennis has been one of the flagship sports in Latvia, for example, and I am very happy that in recent years, thanks to the new stars of Latvian tennis, such as Jeļena Ostapenko, Anastasija Sevastova, tennis has become an important and well-regarded sport in Latvia as well. We are happy to follow the determination and perseverance of the new generation to reach the top of world sports, and this is definitely just the beginning! We wish the young talents success in the future championships and are ready to support them along the way,” says Aavo Koppel, Member of Board of Summus Capital.

“The development of Latvian tennis is impossible without the financial support of the private sector, which means a lot not only to the Latvian Tennis Union as a whole, but mainly to young tennis players – it is their opportunity to develop professionally, participate in competitions and move closer to their goals and new achievements. We are grateful that Summus Capital sees potential in Latvia’s young tennis players – their financial support is an invaluable investment in the development of young talents”, comments Jānis Mellups, Secretary General of Latvian Tennis Union.

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