The DEPO building in Imanta, owned by Summus Capital, obtains the highly regarded BREEAM sustainability certificate.

12:16 21.11.2023

The property of the Summus Capital Baltic the DEPO store building in Imanta, has obtained a highly regarded international BREEAM VERY GOOD sustainability certificate in the in-use category. This signifies that the building complies with high sustainability and energy efficiency standards, and several measures have been implemented to reduce its impact on the environment.

The DEPO store building in Imanta has achieved the highest ratings in the categories of energy, transportation, resilience, and materials used. Particularly high ratings were earned in the resilience category, receiving 15 out of 18 possible points, or 83.33%. “We are pleased that during the BREEAM certification process, DEPO building has achieved a rating of ‘Very Good’. This certificate is a significant endorsement of our introduced ESG program, covering environmental, social, and corporate governance aspects. Our goal is to continue adhering to the highest sustainability quality standards,” commented Hannes Phil, a member of the board of Summus Capital.

BREEAM certification is widely recognized as an international method most commonly used to assess sustainably constructed buildings. This certification can be obtained through careful planning, construction, material and technology selection to ensure that the building operates as a coordinated, efficient, and unified system. In the certification process, buildings are evaluated based on categories such as indoor environmental quality (health and well-being), energy, transportation, water, materials used, resilience, land use, ecology, pollution, and suitability.

The real estate developer “New Bumani Invest”, a company of the DEPO group, ensured the development and construction of the project, considering the principles of sustainable development and its impact on the environment”, says Andis Putāns, head of the DEPO real estate development department. “One of DEPO’s greatest values is the person, therefore factors affecting the well-being of employees and customers, as well as energy efficiency and environmental quality – indoor climate, heat, electricity, water, used materials, etc. – are taken into account and realized in newly built projects,” continues Andis Putāns.

The construction of the DEPO building in Imanta, Kurzemes pr. 3b, began in 2021. The store is easily accessible from the city center via public and private transportation, and it is also close to a highway that connects Riga to Ventspils, linking several Latvian cities, such as Riga, Jurmala, Tukums, Talsi, and others.